Neil Selwyn

Topic of report: "Education in a digital society - new technologies, new tensions"


Neil Selwyn is a professor in Monash University, Melbourne (Australia). He previously worked at the University of London, Institute of Education (UK).

Neil’s research and teaching focuses on the place of digital media in everyday life, and the sociology of technology (non)use in educational settings.

He has written extensively on a number of issues, including digital exclusion, education technology policymaking and the student experience of technology-based learning.

Neil is the author of 12 books and over 300 articles on these topics. Recent books include: ‘Is Technology Good for Education?’ (2016, Polity Press), ‘Distrusting Educational Technology’ (2014, Routledge), and ‘Education in a Digital World: Global Perspectives on Technology & Education’ (2012, Routledge).

Neil is co-editor of the journal ‘Learning, Media and Technology‘, and a regular keynote speaker at international conferences.